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Tribute to Our Teachers

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils.  Many overlook the work of a teacher from working with hard-headed students in the day to marking and preparing assignments at night.  The stresses of trying to cater to many students with different learning abilities can be tiring and frustrating but a teacher never fails to try to meet each of their students’ needs – squeezing, wringing, and pouring sweat and tears to get the best of their students each day.

Teachers have moved beyond their call of duty and have become nurses, counsellors, financial advisors, family and especially friends.  Whether they are having personal issues or have not slept in three days because of the work they do in and out of school, a teacher still is seen rendering a smile every morning.  You have inspired us to be confident, positive, ambitious and to be an inspiration as you were to us.

We, the students, beyond the shadow of a doubt love our teachers.  I asked some of the students to tell me reasons why they appreciate their teachers and this is what they have said.

“Ms. Mackay is very helpful, whenever you have a question you can ask her and she’ll try her best to answer it even if she has to get back to you.  She is always willing to listen, passionate about what she does and is inspirational.” ~ Tichina Smith

Ms. Mackay instructing Jenielle Rhone

Chef Farry is a blessing sent from heaven. If a person doesn’t understand a particular aspect in the work, she is always willing to lend a helping a hand.  She is the person to have special interactions in her class.  She has made my last year at CHTM really great and I’m glad I got to know such a wonderful person. ~ Kammara Jacob

Chef Farrington

“The teachers are amazing and delightful.  They are filled with integrity.” ~ Julio Salmon

“Dr. Lewis is always prepared, on time and makes the course easy to do even if the course content is difficult.” ~ Youksha Brown

Dr. Mark Lewis

“Mrs. Major and Dr. Lewis provide a familiarity that is reminiscent of my people back home whilst maintaining their Bahamian and Guyanese culture.  It helps pacify the fact that I am away from my family and true friends.” ~ Jamaal Gabriel

“Mrs. Major is always there for everyone and makes sure we all understand the course content.” ~ Youksha Brown

Mrs. Major supporting Culturama 2017

“Dr. Spencer although being predicted as a difficult teacher he has proven to us to be quite the opposite.  A teacher, who has become a friend to most, has shown that he truly cares as he always puts his students first.  I can always remember when we experienced Hurricane Matthew and Dr Spencer was the first person we saw asking if we were okay, although his home was damaged.” ~ Jalisa Cumberbatch

“Dr. Spencer has taught me to not limit myself, to think deeper and to explore my options.  He is an excellent teacher and a role model.  He believes in excellence and keeping your word.  He has taught me to always be better. He believes in you, so he expects you to believe in yourself too and surpass the limits you have set for yourself.” ~ Jenielle Rhone

Dr. Andrew Spencer

Here’s to you our heroes for your hard work. You have planted the seeds and they shall grow forever.  Thank you for your time, effort and love. As you continue on your journey planting seeds of knowledge remember this scripture Galatians 6:9 “Do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.”

By Jalisa Cumberbatch, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017

Photos courtesy of Jenielle Rhone, Sakele Watts, Dr Mark Lewis and Jalisa Cumberbatch