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‘Expedition’ is on the way!

After two long years of lectures, exams, and projects, eight final year students packed and journeyed to South Eleuthera for an exciting ‘expedition’. While it’s not a holiday, working in the picturesque, serene South Eleuthera area is ideal. The interns have begun a twelve-week summer internship with various partners in the communities of Rock Sound, Tarpum Bay, and other settlements in South Eleuthera. The first of it’s kind for UWI in the Bahamas Family Islands, the programme was named ‘Expedition’ by the Shaun Ingraham, CEO of the One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF).

Orientation at the One Eleuthera Foundation

The OEF  and Center for Training and Innovation (CTI) are instrumental in coordinating and hosting the students for the duration of the programme as well as coordinating with local partners and businesses to place students in participating businesses and organizations. Four CTI students have also been selected to work along with the UWI interns with the objective of transferring knowledge.

Courtesy call at The South Eleuthera Mission

Key features of the internship programme are capacity building, innovation and training. The students bring a wealth of knowledge, new ideas and enthusiasm. This is beautifully meshed with the grit, innovation and commitment of local business owners who have committed themselves to succeeding in the hospitality industry.

‘Expeditions’ is a truly Caribbean affair. The eight interns represent five Caribbean countries – Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia.

The partnership and synergy between the various organizations, businesses and students is an uplifting example of what can be seamlessly accomplished when Caribbean people work together. The welcome reception hosted by CTI during the two day orientation was a welcoming event where we shared stories, backgrounds and even photos.

Project review at OEF

The first two days of orientation were filled with courtesy calls, brainstorming and logistics sessions, and strategic planning sessions. There was of course some fun with a visit to the CTI farm where we had a ball exploring and learning about the crops with CTI staff who were truly accommodating.

The Bahamian family island experience unfolds as the interns settle into picturesque Tarpum Bay,  in enviably proximity to a beautiful white sandy beach.  Days of hard work are bracketed by breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and post-work trips (across the street) to the beach have already become the norm. What better way to shake the stress and awaken creativity!

We are deeply grateful to the people of South Eleuthera for extending a warm welcome. We thank Mrs. Valderine Major, UWI-CHTM Student Services Manager with responsibility for internship for her support of the project. The One Eleuthera Foundation and the Centre for Training and Innovation have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Mrs. Audrey Carey, Programme Director, OEF has been an invaluable facilitator and Ms. Everne Anderson, Administrative Assistant, CTI – we appreciate the ongoing logistical support and attentive care. We also thank the staff and students of OEF and CTI for the support, attention and care extended to the team and we look forward to working together throughout the 12-week programme.

The OEF/CTI press release on ‘Expeditions’ can be viewed on the Eleuthera News website.

ICC 2016 Lunch

TeamCHTM’s 6th consecutive year of participation in International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) got off to a very early start on Saturday, September 17th, 2016. We overcame the early hours and had a fun time together at South Beach with our 21 strong team. This year’s event was another resounding success- a great day for TeamCHTM and one we’ll remember for a long time.


We take this opportunity to say thank you:

  • To our sleep deprived team who braved the 7:30am pickup and the blazing sun and gave it their all. As well as our Student Executive Committee members (Neil, Keron and Jenielle) – our secret weapons in planning this surprise.
  • To our admin staff who kept the ideas pouring in, secured sponsors for our thank you lunch and who were an invaluable support in planning this year’s event. Ms. Glinton, Mrs. Carey and and Mrs. Rollins – we couldn’t have done it without you.


  • To our sponsors who made our TeamCHTM lunch and awards possible. Sandals Royal Bahamian (grand prize), Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeye’s, Sugar Bliss (can you say divine) and CHTM (transportation).
Divine pound cake by Sugar Bliss

No event would be complete without some fun and games. Teams participated in the Global Weird Finds Challenge. With a two minute countdown, lots of shuffling and possible cheating (we’re still not sure what happened there;-), one luck team won a red velvet cake.

For the grand finale students participated in an individual ICC 2015 quiz competition. After a few moans and groans the quiz was off to an exciting start. Congratulations to Stevvalyn Jack, the happy winner of two passes to Sandals Royal Bahamian.

Grand Prize winner of two passes to Sandals Royal Bahamian


Photos by Elizabeth Mackay © 2016

Coastal Cleanup 2016

Coastal cleanups serve the purpose of discarding debris that are around coasts and shore lines. It also serves as a way to collect data on the debris issues that exist near coastlines. This data can help organizations develop ways to prevent litter and educate the public on the effects the debris can have on natural attractions and wildlife.


The more negative effects that people are aware of, the less likely they are to contribute to the problem. Build-up of non-biodegradable litter can pose a threat to marine life and detracts from the appearance of our country’s beaches. Our beautiful beaches and marine life serve as one of our biggest tourism attractions. If we don’t take the initiative to remove litter, we are slowly destroying one of our most precious tourism assets.

TeamCHTM oversees the removal of two mattresses

On Saturday, September 17th, 2016, New Providence had its International Coastal Clean-up where roughly 20  CHTM students participated in the effort to clean our shores along with over 20 other groups from different schools and other institutions.


It was a day full of fun yet hard work. Not only was it a great bonding experience and a chance to build team work but it was an amazing experience for our students to have a chance to be a part of something bigger that will benefit the overall sustainability of tourism in the Bahamas.

During observation at the clean-up, it was noticed that because of the annual efforts to clean South Beach there was markedly less  trash this year. This proves that the cumulative effort, over time, does make a significant difference.

We did it!
We did it! South Beach

by Erin Burrows and Kammara Jacob (both BSc. Hotel Management, 3rd year)


Photos by Elizabeth Mackay © 2016