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A Good Day Turned Sour – Kraaaaazy Olympics 2017

After weeks of friendly war among the four houses, CHTM became divided on Thursday, 9th March as we competed for the title of “Champion”. The many pop-up activities – like the Mixology Competition, The Photo Competition and The Road Race – which occurred throughout the semester, led to this rivalry which existed between the four houses – Supreme (Blue), Magic (Yellow), Ivy (White) and Phoenix (Red). Going into sports day, Supreme was leading with 207 points.  Following closely  was Magic with 197, then Ivy with 160 and trailing in fourth was Phoenix with 149 points.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, excitement filled the air (personified by Denroy “The Magician” with his cape and wand), and patriotism was shown by all present. Everyone was ready for a fun-filled day, and no one expected what was to come. We started late with a short song and prayer session to bind us together. Each house then selected a representative official to work with Jenielle (who coordinated) to ensure fairness throughout the events.

The Magicians

The first game was the Sand in the Bucket. It started off a little shaky with little clarity obtained from the instructions, but through trial and error the objective was accomplished.  This activity set the tone for the rest of the day. Finding a clear winner should not be that hard, right? Or so we thought.

Sand in the Bucket Challenge

After EVERY game there was  disagreement which included querying results, trying to bend the rules to make peace and participants finding loop holes in the stated rules. As a result of this, the Frog Leaping Game had to be scrapped, since a ‘heap of confusion’ followed the results of the game. Everyone had a different perception of the same event which led to every subsequent game being recorded as back up evidence – our very own ‘instant replay’.

Somewhere between the start and end of each game the fun was lost. Maybe this was as a result of inadequate planning, bad leadership or poor sportsmanship, or a combination of all three. Before half the day had passed almost everyone wanted to leave. It became a very competitive series of activities with many sore losers. With adrenaline pumping,  arguments were  frequent  among the students. This almost resulted in two fights after the Spinning Game. Winding down towards the end of the day, most people were tired, frustrated and uninterested in participating in any more disagreeable activities. Consequently, a unanimous decision was made to cancel the much anticipated Cheer and Chant Competition.


On the bright side, the day was injury free. Although the fun was limited, we still made memories that we will never forget. At the end of the day, Magic’s ‘Magicians’ were victorious with 266 points, Supreme in second with 263, third was Ivy with 243 and fourth Pheonix with 220.

by Andrielle Etienne, BSc. Tourism Management 2017

Images courtesy of Jayda Peter, Emilie Trotman, Sakele Watts


Krazy Olympics 2015

It began like any other school day, just a regular Thursday. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, what a lovely day….but wait…IT WAS SPORTS DAY!!! The warriors arose from their slumber and nourished themselves with the feast of champions (aka breakfast), dressed themselves in armor (aka house tshirts) and prepared themselves for battle. We boarded the chariots equipped with nourishment and sustenance for the day and headed down to the battle field of Goodman’s Bay. This was sure to be a battle to be remembered for years to come.

And so the first segment of the day began with races such as the piggy back race, the hula hoop challenge, four legged race and the shave the balloon contest. At this point all teams proved that they were bringing their “A-game” with Red Devils and Magic at the head of the pack, with Blue Supreme and Ivy League trailing close behind, but the day was far from over. We took a lunch break for the warriors to rest, and when we needed sustenance, our hard working captains and vice captains ensured we were taken care of. Once we were rested up, it was back to the battlefield, and so the second half of the day commenced.

The second segment included races such as the needle and thread race, the 50 meter dash, the soda chug and the ‘bring it on’ segment, which some may say was the highlight of the day. At this point, tempers began to flare as the teams were beginning to get antsy, with Magic and Ivy League in the lead, and Blue Supreme and Red Devils trying to make an approach. However, the true test of endurance, skill and teamwork was now upon us, it was time for the relay. The houses prepared their best warriors for the last battle, giving it one last push, all with the hope to secure the overall victory. Red Devils successfully won the relay, with Ivy League close behind, but this was not the final decision.

The moment was finally upon us, where the judgement of the victors was to be announced, and at the end of this epic day of battle, it was Magic- the Yellow house that worked their magic and reigned supreme.

Great job to everyone that participated in Krazy Olympics 2015, it was truly a memorable one and congratulations to our winners again, Magic- the Yellow team!

By: Krystle Mahabir (BSc in Tourism Management, 2015)

Photography by Krystle Mahabir © 2015