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Up De Ting: CHTM Style

The long awaited UWI CHTM carnival was FINALLY here, and who said that walking from Arawak Cay to CHTM was a long journey? On a normal day, if we had to walk from Arawak Cay to campus it would be non-stop complaining, but today was different. As you know, CHTM carnival is one of the most anticipated events on the event calendar, and this year was no exception.

The morning’s festivities started out a bit later than scheduled but nevertheless, we took to the streets and although we were small in numbers we were large at heart;  as the Jamaicans say “Wi Likkle but Wi Tallawah”.

We chipped to the beat of popular soca music, “We Jamming Still”, “Stink and Dutty”, and “Good Morning”; lovely girls in their beautiful costumes along with male counterparts. As we took to the streets of Nassau, onlookers stopped to take photos and some even joined in on the festivities. True to CHTM style, no passing cars were left untouched as revellers made their way through the streets.

Along the route and on the final stretch of our journey no one complained that the route was too long, in fact everyone stated that we had gotten back to school too fast and they weren’t ready to stop partying.

Home Stretch

As we made our way to UB compound tired, weary and hungry, everyone sprawled out on the floor or anywhere they could find to be comfortable as they waited on the scrumptious meal that was prepared for us. As we sat and ate amongst friends we reminisced on what was  a great day and one that we didn’t want to end. Big up to the students that made the meals.

Tired and Hungry

CHTM carnival will forever be one of the highlights of our time here and one that we will never forget.  Big up to our amazing sponsors… Long live ALIV!!!

By Crystal Alleyne, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017

Photos/Videos by Renissa Waldron and Shanice Jordan © 2017


CHTM’s Own Caribbean Gems

Every CHTM student was excited for this event as it was the first official social for the semester. The carnival launch party was hosted by the student’s executive body and brought us all together in a rand showcase of CHTM talent. The designer of the costumes, Denroy Wilson, added the finishing touches to all the costumes, the models did their final try-ons, our resident makeup artist slayed all faces and then they were ready to hit the stage at Hard Rock Cafe.

Island Mas By Denroy Wilson

The UWI Island Mas band was ready to launch. The show was scheduled to start at 11 PM but got off to a very very late start, which did not stop the few persons in the venue from enjoying the music being played by the DJ. By midnight the venue was jam packed with little walking space from the stage at one end of the room to the exit. With the huge crowd gathered, it was now time to showcase the costumes.

The two hosts, Jasonta and Ayisha, got on stage to introduce the segment. We weren’t initially accepted by the crowd as they wanted to hear more music and was not too interested in the showcase, however the security got it under control after a short while and our amazing models began the showcase.

Jamaica Tallawah (Alternate)

The first segment was the men’s t-shirt with the winning design from the T-shirt Design Competition held by the student executive last semester. Next came the most anticipated part of the showcase- the females dressed in their brightly coloured costumes with a whole lot of feathers and rhinestones. First, it was the Bajan inspired costumes dubbed Trident Pride, followed by the Jamaican inspired costume called Tallawah and then the St. Lucian, Versicolor and finally the costume inspired by Trinidad and Tobago – Queen of Bacchanal.

Queen of Bacchanal (Alternate Costume)

The showcase was a great success, the designer and the student executive were extremely proud and the students had loads of fun.

by Ayisha Elliott, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017 

Photos by Sakele Watts ©2017

Carnival Chronicles 3: The Finale

You’ve heard of alcoholics, movieholics, even cookieholics. CHTM is proud to bring you the most epic generation of Feterholics and Socaholics. Yes I said it guys! Carnival was Soca Revolution. Definitely the most exhilarating event in CHTM’s calendar of events, it was all that we expected it to be and more. Who said walking from Arawak Cay to C.O.B was a long journey? Most of us can’t even remember when or how we got there! Some would even go as far to say we got there way too soon.


The journey was filled with liquor, the sweet sound of soca music, “wining”, “wukkin’ up”, “ducking” and of course our beautifully costumed CHTM family and friends. Like the Ultimate Boat Rave cruise, and like all Caribbean people, we started late. This mattered not when an hour later, the ‘vybz’ hit us, our chip to downtown erupted into dancing our way into town.

dancing 2


The main street was filled with excited onlookers capturing some of CHTM’s finest carnival moments. Traffic piled up, but nobody minded one bit. CHTM Carnival was a sight to behold. Along the journey, we forgot about traffic, we forgot about people of the outside world. In our own little Carnival world, all that mattered was our enjoyment and creating our sweet sweet soca memories.

on the truck


Tired? What was tired? We didn’t know. We didn’t feel. Even with twisted ankles, worn out shoes, ripped stockings; evidence of a long journey, we still didn’t know. But boy oh boy did we find out after. “Tyad bodies” entered into CHTM’s dining room where our lovely classmates prepared food for our starving tummies. Sprawled on the floor, out on the grass, on any surface we could place ourselves on, we ate ravenously.


The Soca Revolution, came to an end. In the last few minutes of the day, we sat and lay in the company of our friends and relived the moments we wished had never end. CHTM Carnival for us, it’s not just an event, it’s an experience and one that will live on in our hearts forever…

by Samantha Seedath, BSc. Tourism Management 2016

Photos by Samantha Seedath © 2016

The Ultimate Boat Rave

This must have been one of if not the most anticipated events in CHTM’s history. The idea of partying on a boat was surprisingly the main pull factor for this event – did everyone suddenly forget the horrors of the Titanic? Clearly the tragedy of that event was forgotten as the cruise was one of the most attended events thus far. So what was the equation that made this event such a success? ‘Raving on a boat would no doubt lead to an ultimate experience?’ or was it ‘In order to rave and have an ultimate experience you need a boat?’ Regardless of the equation, the promoters did a spectacular job with naming the event ‘The Ultimate Boat Rave’ as it was just that indeed.

Boarding time for the cruise was 9pm and the boat was set to sail at 10pm HOWEVER if it’s one thing that Caribbean people can’t get correct is being on time and because of this the boat ended up leaving at 10:40pm. Regardless of the time the boat set sail the patrons were ready and excited to start partying as this was the beginning of ‘Survival Weekend’ a.k.a Carnival Weekend.

All aboard
All aboard

As soon as the soca began to play everyone’s face lit up, after all Caribbean people love their soca. In no time patrons were jumping, screaming and jamming to their favourite songs and if for some strange reason The Islands of The Bahamas were unaware that U.W.I was having a party on the sea I guarantee they knew now as it is a tradition for our events to ‘stir’ things up in The Bahamas. What was also phenomenal and worth noticing is that it felt like two parties happening on one boat. Upstairs had the section of patrons who were a bit “more energetic” I would say as they were all over the boat jumping and screaming, I guess some could argue “The Real Lovers of Soca”. While on the other hand there were the ‘calmer’ patrons who preferred the luxury of space and decided to relax while enjoying the music.

Upper deck soca fest
Upper deck soca fest

Everyone knows that you cannot have a soca party without rum as the songs says “Whole day we drinking and we no need no chaser, rum inna we system I’m a professional drinker”. The patrons were delighted as there was a large array of alcohol to choose from which just added to the ‘Ultimate Experience’. It can be argued that alcohol brings out peoples true colours and that was very evident as ‘shy’ people were dancing away in the spotlight and ‘quiet’ people were excessively loud.

All in all it was a very successful event and hats off to the Student Executive Committee for pulling off another epic event.

By: Dominic Mitchell (BSc. Tourism Management, 2016)

Photos by Samantha Seedath and Shanice Jordan © 2016


Carnival Chronicles 2016 Part 2

When and Where? These are the two most important questions you ask when you know UWI CHTM is about to host its annual Carnival event. Carnival Chronicles will be your guide so that you can stay up to date with the times, venues and costs for the event.

We all know CHTM throws a heck of a party! This is true.

We all know CHTM has many parties! This is also true.

And we all know, Carnival is not a one-day event. This is most definitely true.

For your pleasure, UWI CHTM is having 2 whopping days of non-stop Carnival! Get ready to jump and rave! Get ready to wine and dance! Carnival is just around the corner.

Pre-carnival Cruise

The Ultimate Boat Rave

When: Friday, March 11th, 2016

Where: Prince George Wharf

Time: 10:00pm – 2:00am
carnval boat rave

Carnival Soca Revolution Jump-up

When: Saturday,  March 12th, 2016


Aware Cay to COB

soca revolution

Thank you party

When: Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Keep posted for further details!


By Samantha Seedath, BSc. Tourism Management 2016

Carnival Chronicles 2016 Part 1

This is your ultimate guide to surviving, yes I said surviving, UWI CHTM Carnival 2016. Whether you’re a carnival baby or it’s your first time, it is guaranteed that you will have an amazing time! You don’t want to miss this!

Are you ready?
Are you ready?

What you will want to do:

Get in shape – being prepared in advance is always good. Carnival is a high energy and stamina event. If you intend on surviving through all the parties leading up to and after it, getting in shape is suggested. It’s not too late; gym, jog, do whatever you need to do to be ready. “Iz fete afta fete afta fete afta fete!”

Get in shape!
Get in shape!

Have a hearty breakfast on Carnival morning and allow appropriate time for digestion – nobody wants to faint at the side of the road or be bent over vomiting on the sidewalk. Save yourself the embarrassment and eat on time.

Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated

Get lots of sleep before the event

Wear comfortable shoes, it’s a long road!

Ready for the road!
Ready for the road!

Do you get sunburn easily? Hats, shades, sunscreen and stockings are your friends, keep them close.

Listen to SOCA! You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT go to carnival without knowing the hottest soca music. It is essential if you want to enjoy your carnival experience. What do I suggest? Private Ryan Soca Brainwash

Stay safe – this is the most important tip you will receive. Always be aware of your surroundings and stick to the designated areas for the events. Your safety is your priority. Ensure that you secure your personal belongings such as your wallets, money, cellphones etc. This is your responsibility. It is inevitable, there will be alcohol, drink within your limits.

Drink responsibly
Drink responsibly

By Samantha Seedath, BSc. Tourism Management 2016

Photography by Elizabeth Mackay © 2015

Fete Till I Falling Down 2015

It had finally arrived, the most anticipated and largest event of the semester, CARNIVAL! Themed Tribes of Utopia: The Soca Revolution, it had students and sponsors, which included Enigma, Kalik and the Caribbean Bottling Company in a whirlwind as they frantically prepped for the event the night before.

We have a truck on di road
We have a truck on di road

The march took place on the 21st of March starting at Arawak Cay with the final destination being our institution’s parking lot. There was an aura of excitement present as the crowd was tumultuous from the onset. Nothing mattered besides the rhythmic beats of soca music emanating from the powerful speakers. Individuals were adorned in colourful enchanting costumes, which ranged from fashionably styled t-shirts and shorts to monokinis and feathered headwear. When all participating parties had arrived including members of the Royal Bahamian Police Force and representatives from the HOT 91.7 radio station, we were ‘Ready for the road’!

Enigma girls
Enigma girls

Following closely behind the truck embellished with junkanoo inspired decorations and the banners of our various sponsors, individuals could be seen with Kalik cups in their hands laughing, dancing, waving their Kalik rags and having a grand time. The energy only increased as the journey progressed and participants were seen ‘palancing’, ‘ducking’ and engaging the onlookers. As we marched along Bay Street, tourists could be found in our midst, clearly intrigued as they tried to imitate our dance moves. They weren’t the only ones interested as locals, both adults and children were seen dancing along the sides of the streets and taking a multitude of pictures.

UWI Carnival 2015 - 140
Ben’ up

The day ended in the UWI house restaurant where complimentary lunch was served to all participants. Lunch had been prepared by our very own upcoming stars of the kitchen and was a delectable meal of baked chicken, fried fish, coleslaw and rice with pigeon peas. It had the crowd raving as some person even wanted seconds! As the after effects of a hefty meal and a long walk in the sun started to kick in for some people, they could be seen strewn across the floor trying to salvage the little energy they had left. Other persons on the other hand, clearly had not gotten enough as they continued to dance on the lawns and in the dining room. At this point it was safe to say that Tribes of Utopia: The Soca Revolution was an epic event and a huge success. Special thanks goes out to all those who played a role in it’s execution, whether big or small as teamwork made the dream work.

By Donneil McNab (BSc. Tourism Management, 2015)

Photography by Elizabeth Mackay © 2015