Waves Boat Cruise 2017

It’s safe to say that most Caribbean people enjoy a good party or night lime. The CHTM, although focused on the academic success of it students, tries to ensure that students have a healthy social life as well. The annual boat cruise is one of many events put together not only to help ease mid-semester examination stress, but also to provide students with a warm up before the carnival celebrations.

Group Photo

This year’s “waves” boat cruise was on Saturday, March 18th.  Boarding commenced at 9pm and by the time we were ready to set sail at 10pm there was  a decent sized crowd. The dress code was  beach/boat attire however, persons showed up smartly dressed to suit the cold, windy evening.

Bajan Trio

The night started off  smoothly with everyone buying drinks and getting a feel for the ‘vibe’ before the real partying began. A group of local men warmed up the dance floor  displaying their synchronized moves to popular rap and R&B music.


When it was about 11pm, with the alcohol taking effect,  the party was in full swing. Persons danced the night away to a wide array of music ranging from dancehall to reggae. Some  felt that soca music dominated the boat ride while others didn’t seem to mind the selection at all.

More Selfies

As it drew close to the 1am docking time, some persons were now highly intoxicated, bare back and wearing life jackets. Persons left the boat asking for a ‘part two’ to this memorable occasion, even giving suggestions as to how it could be executed. Needless to say everyone had a blast!

Bare Back Shenanigans

by Annette S.K Mason, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017

Photos by Auri-mae Thomas and Donella Blackman


It’s Not Goodbye But See You Later 

On Feb 17th at 2:05pm, Dr. Spencer sent an email to the entire student body requesting a meeting with us on the following Tuesday. Okay cool, no big deal, he has called us into meetings before… However, the anxious feeling in many of us increased when on the 20th, we received a reminder email. Alright…what is this about now? Spencer doesn’t send out reminders…

Jodi-Ann on behalf of Palace

You could imagine our great surprise when our beloved director broke the news that he had been recruited by Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism to serve as the CEO of the Tourism Product Development Company and was leaving us on secondment. Secondment basically means that Dr. Spencer is not actually resigning but rather will be on loan for the next two years, with the option to extend after that time is up. Did this make any of us feel better? No, but regardless of how we may feel about this sudden change, we are all extremely proud of Dr. Spencer and this big achievement in his life.

Wifi House

Life at CHTM so far has been quite a rocky yet freakishly fun journey and I am sure that every student can attest to that. The second years must be taking the news the hardest since they have just started the race and have already experienced numerous potholes along the way. The third year students sympathize with you, we really do. Remember, you CAN do it.

Past student – Daniel Batson

Last Sunday, students turned out in their numbers for a farewell football match featuring Warriors vs. No Name. The match began at 5:15 pm. By 6:30, Warriors had scored six goals, five of which were scored by Spencer and one from Keshae. A few minutes later, Warriors were up another goal .The game was called to an end at 7:15pm but Neil from No Name begged for an extra five minutes to bring up his team’s score. Sadly for him, in less than two minutes, Spencer had scored another goal for Warriors thereby ending the game at 8 – 3.

The ballers

The three goals from the defeated team were scored by Eric (not from CHTM), Josiah, and Julio. Neil insisted that at least four of Spencer’s goals were ‘allowed’ as some kind of ‘farewell gift’.  After the game, the students headed to the dining room for a short get-together with food and drinks provided by CHTM’s Cooking Club. It was a chilled and laid back atmosphere filled with lots of laughter and chatter. Dr. Spencer seemed quite pleased and amazed by the turnout and thanked us for coming to celebrate with him. We stayed there for about an hour and a half before returning home. It was a bittersweet day.

Spencer’s ‘winning pose’

We promise not to sulk because you are leaving but be happy because you were here. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions for us and for that, we will be forever grateful. “How lucky I [we] am [are] to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh

By Patria Moise, BSc. Tourism Management (Special) 2017

A Good Day Turned Sour – Kraaaaazy Olympics 2017

After weeks of friendly war among the four houses, CHTM became divided on Thursday, 9th March as we competed for the title of “Champion”. The many pop-up activities – like the Mixology Competition, The Photo Competition and The Road Race – which occurred throughout the semester, led to this rivalry which existed between the four houses – Supreme (Blue), Magic (Yellow), Ivy (White) and Phoenix (Red). Going into sports day, Supreme was leading with 207 points.  Following closely  was Magic with 197, then Ivy with 160 and trailing in fourth was Phoenix with 149 points.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, excitement filled the air (personified by Denroy “The Magician” with his cape and wand), and patriotism was shown by all present. Everyone was ready for a fun-filled day, and no one expected what was to come. We started late with a short song and prayer session to bind us together. Each house then selected a representative official to work with Jenielle (who coordinated) to ensure fairness throughout the events.

The Magicians

The first game was the Sand in the Bucket. It started off a little shaky with little clarity obtained from the instructions, but through trial and error the objective was accomplished.  This activity set the tone for the rest of the day. Finding a clear winner should not be that hard, right? Or so we thought.

Sand in the Bucket Challenge

After EVERY game there was  disagreement which included querying results, trying to bend the rules to make peace and participants finding loop holes in the stated rules. As a result of this, the Frog Leaping Game had to be scrapped, since a ‘heap of confusion’ followed the results of the game. Everyone had a different perception of the same event which led to every subsequent game being recorded as back up evidence – our very own ‘instant replay’.

Somewhere between the start and end of each game the fun was lost. Maybe this was as a result of inadequate planning, bad leadership or poor sportsmanship, or a combination of all three. Before half the day had passed almost everyone wanted to leave. It became a very competitive series of activities with many sore losers. With adrenaline pumping,  arguments were  frequent  among the students. This almost resulted in two fights after the Spinning Game. Winding down towards the end of the day, most people were tired, frustrated and uninterested in participating in any more disagreeable activities. Consequently, a unanimous decision was made to cancel the much anticipated Cheer and Chant Competition.


On the bright side, the day was injury free. Although the fun was limited, we still made memories that we will never forget. At the end of the day, Magic’s ‘Magicians’ were victorious with 266 points, Supreme in second with 263, third was Ivy with 243 and fourth Pheonix with 220.

by Andrielle Etienne, BSc. Tourism Management 2017

Images courtesy of Jayda Peter, Emilie Trotman, Sakele Watts


Un bellissimo ristorante

Friday, March 3, 2017 was in every way a lovely day and that beauty spilled over to make our CHTM Italian-themed house restaurant  – a beautiful restaurant.

Final year students Kammara Jacob, Latifah Forde and Josiah Joseph were  managers of the day, they were supported by junior managers  Kynann Jordon and Jameelia Stephens. The  restaurant enjoyed a large turnout and the food sold out.

Chef Bowe and Kammara Jacob

Patrons, faculty, staff and students  enjoyed the food and attentive service. Repeatedly customers expressed delight with the food as it was consistently good and each dish “kept getting better”. Those  new to CHTM’s house restaurant said they will definitely return.

Kammara’s advice for future managers: ‘Although it may seem difficult, don’t stop aiming for the stars. We had a lot of headaches and we still pulled it off with teamwork and motivation.’

Photos by Elizabeth Mackay and Kammara Jacob


Birthdays CHTM-Style

Every year CHTM students celebrate their birthdays. It may be with a surprise event planned by their friends or planned by the birthday boy/girl themselves. Flouring of the birthday student has been a tradition passed on through the years. When the clock strikes midnight on the person’s special day, a group of friends covers this special person with powder and/or flour.

However, it does not stop there. It is usually followed with gift giving, a dinner or party. Events like this bring the students closer towards becoming a family. New friendships are created and broken ones are mended, as the students forget previous “beef” amongst themselves as everyone is eager and excited to learn  how their friend from a different nationality celebrates this occasion. February came with many celebrations as not just one, but four of our schoolmates had birthdays within days of each other.

Love was shown in all forms and fashions, firstly with Donella Blackman who was surprised by close friends with a limousine ride around Nassau after having dinner at Carmines, one of Atlantis’ finest. Donella however, was blissfully under the impression that she was going to Outback Steakhouse and extended the invitation to a few others, but little did she know that wasn’t the plan. Donella and Sashanee Nevers both celebrated their birthdays on the same day and were both celebrated as is tradition.

Denroy Wilson was next in line for the throne and decided that as this was his first year celebrating his birthday on the day itself he was going out with a bang! Planning was challenging and complications arose (as they always do with great events) but with the help of friends the party was a success! The event was held at Coral Harbour on Saturday night. Fellow schoolmates turned out, some Bahamian friends and the Barbados FIFA Worldcup beach soccer team was onsite. This celebration led into the next day, where Vernon Weech celebrated his 28th Birthday. The night was full of “twerking”, “wining” and “wukking up” as the music hit the souls and hearts of many.

Vernon Weech

The best part of life is when your family becomes your friends and your friends become your family.- Robin Roberts


By Emilie Trotman, Bsc. Tourism Management, 2017

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for this post.

Divided by Water, Together by Culture

It’s that time of the year when individual differences are put aside and we come together as one for the 25th CULTURAMA. This year we were in a different location, away from the lawns of University of Bahamas to the parking lot of the Reef restaurant.

One family

You could hear the loud speakers of each countries’ music echoing towards the passing vehicles. The University of the West Indies is known to host students from all over the Caribbean, and this year there were nine (9) countries on showcase. Collectively these countries represent the UWI CHTM family.

Lifelong bonds

As early as 7 am, you could hear the hustle and bustle of pots and pans as students were preparing meals in the UWI House Restaurant while other students were setting up their designated areas ready to display their country’s culture to other students and the Bahamian people. For most students, they felt a feeling of being home again as they got the chance to prepare most of the popular dishes from their home country.

Trini chefs

The most popular dish requested from the Jamaican team was ackee and saltfish and jerk chicken served with steaming hot fried dumplings and saltfish fritters and ‘Hell a top, Hell a bottom and Hallelujah in the middle’a famous phrase used to describe the Jamaican sweet potato pudding.

Jamaican ackee and saltfish

‘Iz a Bajan ting!!’(Barbados), proudly displayed golden brown flying fish, cheesy macaroni pie, sweet potato pie, fish cakes, bajan bakes and sweet bread. Trinidad and Tobago delights included pholourie, buss-up-shut chicken and roti and a host of preserves such as guava cheese, khurma, sugar cake and benne ball from the Trinidad and Tobago. St.Lucia’s stall had on display cocoa tea and bakes, pemmie, bouillon and green plantain salad. Yum!!!!

St.Lucia Stall

The individual countries also stood strong as the one and only Guyanese student, Josiah Joseph, displayed curry chicken and dhall puri, eggball and bakes and saltfish. Vincentian Karielle Edwards, prepared doughboy and saltfish, duccuna and showcased Captain Bligh XO rum which was too strong for some individuals to handle. Merlyne Marie, who hails from the famous 365 beaches of Antigua prepared spicy pepperpot soup, fungi and bread pudding. St.Kitts and Nevis student Annivea Hutchinson, displayed coconut dumpling, saltfish and spicy plantains.

We had a few moments of dark skies which eventually resulted in rainfall but this in no way dampened the spirits of the students and staff members as they were seen in the streets dancing to the music and promoting to the vehicles passing by which led to increased support. Culturama 2017 was indeed another successful event put on by CHTM students. Cultures were shared, memories were created and I can gladly say: mission accomplished CHTM family!!!

Special shout out to the Lucians who celebrated their Independence Day on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. Happy 38th Independence Day St.Lucia!!!!!!!!!!

Lucian Beauties

By Jodi-Ann Williams, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017

Photos by Rhodene Marks, Ayisha Elliott, Sakele Watts, Jodi-Ann Williams © 2017

CHTM Cross Country 2017

“Magic!” … “Supreme!” … “Phoenix!” Those were the chants that could be heard on Saturday at daybreak as representatives from each house showed up at Warren to participate in the early morning cross country starting at 7am. Well, it was more like from three houses as representatives from team Ivy League were yet to make an appearance.

As the start time drew near, the teams made a few quick jabs at each other on who was going to win the points and bragging rights for their teams. A few representatives from team Ivy League decided to make their presence known then…

Ivy League

“On your marks!” Everyone was lined off and ready. “Get set!” They were focused and ready to pounce… “GO!!!”

And they’re off…

They were off like a pack of wild hyenas chasing an invisible prey with Josiah Joseph of team Magic leading the way. It had only been a mere five seconds since they began and one participant could be heard shouting “I tired! Oh god me tired!!!”



Cross country at Warren

As they made their way unto Davis Street and headed down to the On the Run gas station, there were those who stopped to catch their breaths as their lives flashed before their eyes – probably wishing they had stayed in their beds that morning. As markers waited on Farrington Road to guide the runners back to Warren, the Yellow Flash of team Magic, Josiah Joseph, could be seen sprinting down the stretch. “MAGIC WOI!!! MAGIC!!!” he shouted as he zoomed passed like a speeding bullet, looking cool and not even breaking a sweat, leaving the other participants to follow his trail of dust as he sprinted onward to victory.

1st Place Winner Josiah Joseph

It was an arms race between Jourdain Lowe of Magic and Supreme Blue’s Keshae Bovell vying for second position, but alas, it was Jourdain who emerged victorious in second place with Keshae settling for third.

Team Magic’s magic was not done yet as Latifah Forde took the fourth position and was the first female to cross the finish line. The other participants came straggling in breathless like they’d been running the full length of Nassau and one participant could be heard saying, “I made it! I almost died but I made it,” as she crossed the finish line breathless. The atmosphere was filled with laughter as Julio Salmon, the star runner of team Phoenix who had been boasting that he would be winning the cross-country event days before, was now making his way to start the race as he had over-slept. He may not have won any points but he sure did win our smiles.

by Renissa Waldron, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017

Photos by Crystal Alleyne © 2017



CHTM’s Own Caribbean Gems

Every CHTM student was excited for this event as it was the first official social for the semester. The carnival launch party was hosted by the student’s executive body and brought us all together in a rand showcase of CHTM talent. The designer of the costumes, Denroy Wilson, added the finishing touches to all the costumes, the models did their final try-ons, our resident makeup artist slayed all faces and then they were ready to hit the stage at Hard Rock Cafe.

Island Mas By Denroy Wilson

The UWI Island Mas band was ready to launch. The show was scheduled to start at 11 PM but got off to a very very late start, which did not stop the few persons in the venue from enjoying the music being played by the DJ. By midnight the venue was jam packed with little walking space from the stage at one end of the room to the exit. With the huge crowd gathered, it was now time to showcase the costumes.

The two hosts, Jasonta and Ayisha, got on stage to introduce the segment. We weren’t initially accepted by the crowd as they wanted to hear more music and was not too interested in the showcase, however the security got it under control after a short while and our amazing models began the showcase.

Jamaica Tallawah (Alternate)

The first segment was the men’s t-shirt with the winning design from the T-shirt Design Competition held by the student executive last semester. Next came the most anticipated part of the showcase- the females dressed in their brightly coloured costumes with a whole lot of feathers and rhinestones. First, it was the Bajan inspired costumes dubbed Trident Pride, followed by the Jamaican inspired costume called Tallawah and then the St. Lucian, Versicolor and finally the costume inspired by Trinidad and Tobago – Queen of Bacchanal.

Queen of Bacchanal (Alternate Costume)

The showcase was a great success, the designer and the student executive were extremely proud and the students had loads of fun.

by Ayisha Elliott, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017 

Photos by Sakele Watts ©2017

CHTM Staff attends LEAD 2017

CHTM staff member Ms. Christine Rollins had the pleasure of attending the Leadership Excellence and Development Conference (LEAD2017) held in Nashville, Tennessee in February 2017. The conference was streamed live to the Bahamas and facilitated by The University of the West Indies Open Campus.

The Bahamas programme was opened by Dr. Barbara Rodgers Newbold, Country Head – UWI Open Campus Bahamas. Project Liaison officer Jacqueline Ledgister-Bethell (CHTM  alumnus) introduced the conference. The full day event was packed with distinguished speakers who covered a range of topics. Roger Nierenberg, symphony conductor, presented The Music Paradigm. He metaphorically compared an organization to an orchestra highlighting the idea that everyone has their own instrument to play and should be encouraged to play it skillfully.

Immaculee Ilibagiza – Author of ‘Left to Tell’ Photo courtesy of Vie Magazine

Immaculee Ilibagiza, genocide survivor, gave a spellbinding presentation on forgiveness. Dr. Jen Welter, former NFL player and coach for the Arizona Cardinals advised the audience to never allow anyone to tell you what you cannot do. At 5ft. 2 ins. and 130lbs Jen Welter can certainly attest to this as she defied all the odds to play the position of running back and then went on to become the first female coach in the men’s professional football league. Her talk was a testament to the power of determination and perseverance.

Dr. Jen Welter, photo courtesy of LEAD2017

HR.com’s annual conference is designed to inspire corporate leaders and enrich the lives of participants both personally and professionally. The event brings together vice presidents, chief executive officers and other executives and top management and equips them with the tools and insights needed by business and community leaders.

Ms. Christine Rollins, Accounts Dept., CHTM

“Attending LEAD 2017 was an inspiring and eye-opening experience. I gained an understanding of various leadership approaches and strategies that will undoubtedly remain with me for the rest of my life.” ~ Christine Rollins

Cultural Clashes to Cultural Bonding

I never imagined that I would be studying with students from around the Caribbean, countries like Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Lucia. I was so excited when I discovered all the nationalities present at CHTM. I had never heard accents from Barbados, St Lucia, and other Caribbean countries before starting this journey. In fact, if you had given me a map of the Caribbean which was not labeled, I would have had some difficulty identifying each island.  If you have attended the University of The West Indies Center for Hotel and Tourism Management, (UWI, CHTM) it is possible that you had your share of disagreements.

My clash came very early on in the first semester before even stepping foot into a classroom, before I met anyone or knew any of their names.  My encounter started at a famous social spot in Nassau where all of the new students met before the official start of class for meet and greet and a social outing to get the new students accustomed to the island.  During the night, I was socializing and talking to the other students, words were exchanged and the rest was history.  I learnt my lesson very early on to never call a group of Caribbean people “boring” again.  If words could kill, I would be laying in my grave.

I began to learn that the transition for everyone was not easy, from students being home sick to communication barriers, even though each of us spoke English, the accents and slangs made it difficult to understand each other.  From the Jamaican dialect, some of their phases were “How yuh stay” this expression means how are you, and another slang was “Gud Mawnin”, which explains itself, Good Morning.  Barbadians, also referred to as Bajans, say “Wuking up”, which means to dance up or whine your waist with energy.  Another Bajan slang is “Pompasettin”, which means, showing off.  Also, slangs from Trinidad and Tobago are “Just Now”, which means to hold on one second, or “Lime” meaning to hang out or “waz di scene” which means, hey, what are you doing.  The most famous saying that students learnt from The Bahamas is “MuddaSick”.  This slang is used to express amazement, surprise or disappointment.  In fact, it can be used to express any strong feeling or emotion, it is not limited and usually, this phrase is accompanied by the word “well” in front of it.

After several weeks of class, a particular individual reached out to me because of his situation and we instantly clicked.  At this point, the cultures were slowly integrating and even though I was still considered the outcast by a few persons in my class, because of my “boring” remark, my transition started and I was swiftly moving from an outcast to becoming a family member.

Day trip at Clifton Heritage Park, Jaws Beach

During the spring semester of 2016, the bond between myself and the other CHTM students grew and became stronger than ever.  As a matter of fact, the entire student body began bonding with each other, strengthening their relationships which were once strained during the previous semester.  The more time we spent with each other, it was as if we were a tight knitted family, experiencing things like beach trips, partying at events/night clubs and even helping each other with assignments and financial needs, and also being a support system mentally through conversations.

Cabbage Beach, Atlantis Pool – Easter weekend 2016

It was game night February 5, 2017, and for the very first time ever during 2015 – 2017, we experienced second and third-year males all bonding in one setting.  The event which created this was Super Bowl, the most anticipated game of the season.  The showdown was between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.  The game started off without a hitch, rum/liquors were being served around the room namely, Ricardo coconut rum, Tanqueray Gin, and the favorite of the crowd, 12-year-old Eldorado.  Each person had their favorite team to win the game.  I, Mr. Lowe and Sakele Watts were rooting for the Atlanta falcons to win the game and the other guys were cheering for the New England Patriots to win.  Kynann was the one person I was not sure of because he was a flip-flopper rooting for both sides, it was whoever won for him.

Super Bowl night 2017 Patriots vs. Falcons

The first two quarters were a blowout, 0-21 was the score and the Atlanta fans were happy. You could have heard a pin drop in the New England camp.  Then there was the halftime performances, the artist was Lady Gaga.  Someone commented that Lady Gaga was the white Rihanna then a big debate broke out it was hilarious, please watch the video clip inserted in this blog.  After the halftime show was done, the New England Patriots were getting one touchdown after another, they were suddenly tied.  Time would seal the faith for both teams and in the last few seconds, the Patriots scored the winning touchdown.  The opposition fans were disappointed, of course, especially Mr. Lowe who said: “I won’t ever watch American football again”.  That night was definitely a success that each one of us will remember it for the rest of our lives.

By Vernon L. Weech, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017

Thanks to all the students who shared photos for this post.