Happy World Environment Day 2016

June 5th, 2016 marks the annual recognition of World Environment Day (WED). WED has been celebrated around the world annually since 1974. The aim of WED is to raise awareness of the importance of the natural environment and to encourage long-term change in the we way we interact with nature and  use natural resources.

Enjoy the world without destroying it!
Enjoy the world without destroying it!

This year’s theme is ‘Go Wild for Life: Zero Tolerance for the Illegal Wildlife Trade’ and the global host country is Angola. Visit the  official website for WED2016 to learn more, pledge your support and find your kindred species.

In honour of WED2016, and to do our part to raise awareness of global environmental and sustainability issues, CHTM announces the launch of our distinguished lecture series: Towards a Sustainable Future. Join us in September 2016 for our first presentation.


If you participated in an WED activities be sure to tweet us a message @CHTMConnect #wildforlife.

Photography and design by Elizabeth Mackay © 2016