Congratulations – Graduating Class of 2015

On Friday, October 30, 2015 the CHTM Class of 2015 attended the Ceremony for the Presentation of Graduates hosted at the Mona Campus. After three long years of lectures, studying, exams, and internships the graduates finally had the satisfaction of completion.


For some, our part-time students, it has been much longer and arguably more difficult, juggling work, family and school responsibilities over an extended period of time and without the  benefit of the supportive dorm environment so instrumental in building strong bonds between students.


The hardships, in whatever forms they manifested, have only served to make the experience more meaningful. Elnora Burrows, a part-time Tourism Management student said, “Attending the graduation ceremony was an epic and very touching event. I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears flowed down my face as I was about to walk to receive my award.” No doubt many graduates shared a similar experience.

Elnora Burrows, BSc. Tourism Management
Elnora Burrows, BSc. Tourism Management

The Faculty and Staff of CHTM extend our congratulations and warmest wishes to the graduates. We have watched you learn and grow, we’ve held your hands at times and nudged you forward at others – all in all, it’s a happy day when we see our students so joyful and triumphant.

This feels sooooo good!
Graduation selfie – this feels sooooo good!

“We wish you all the very best, we thank you for choosing CHTM. You are and will always be a part of the history of CHTM.”  Dr. Andrew Spencer, HOD.

Dr. Andrew Spencer, HOD and Mrs. Valderine Major, Lecturer and Student Services Manager
Dr. Andrew Spencer, HOD and Mrs. Valderine Major, Lecturer and Student Services Manager

Bon voyage Class of 2015!

Photo credits: Dr. Andrew Spencer and Elnora Burrows