International Coastal Cleanup 2015

Once again CHTM participated in the 30th anniversary of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day on Saturday, September 19th, 2015. Organised by the Ocean Conservancy internationally and Project BEACH (Dolphin Encounters) locally, ICC has become a much anticipated event for CHTM students, this being our fourth consecutive year doing our part to keep beaches and coastal zones trash free.

The Ocean Conservancy reports that in 2014, over 560,000 volunteers in 91 countries removed in excess of 16 million pounds of trash for coastal zones. Download the full report here.

Seventeen students, both hotel and tourism majors woke up early to join local residents in cleaning debris from a section of South Beach. While it wasn’t always pleasant, CHTM pelicans always know how to ┬áhave a good time together.

Hard work paid off as the team won coveted prizes offered by local sponsors Dominoes and Dairy Queen for their efforts in removing large debris from the beach. Pizza and Dairy Queen ice-cream cakes sure make for happy students.

Thanks to the Events Coordinator, Safiya Miller and the Executive Committee for organising the event and thanks to all who participated – here’s to having fun and making a difference while doing it!