How to be a super intern

Once you’re done with all the classes and exams it is the time to translate your knowledge into practice. This transition can be overwhelming and this gives rise to critical deliberation and internal turmoil, as you try to determine your level of preparedness, and your ability to embrace the opportunities. Areas such as; communication, social media usage, dress code, etiquette, and corporate responsibility, create a pressing concern in the minds of many entry level applicants. These critical features such as behaviour and image portrayal can be major factors when determining whether or not you will become a part of the company’s future. To ensure that you are ready for success, here are some things to consider and also to put into practice when preparing for your internship.

Familiarize yourself with the establishment; research the role and company beforehand

Understanding the company’s mission and corporate hierarchy are important aspects of any job. It is crucial to confirm to whom you are reporting. This is beneficial as it assists you in understanding the fundamental values of the company before your internship even begins. What kind of organizational culture am I going to be a part of? This is important to know if you will be a good fit for the organization. Furthermore, staying informed about anything that is happening with the company will prove beneficial for your internship as well.

Know everything you can about the company
Know everything you can about the company

Get your attitude right; adopt an attitude your internship supervisor will love

Employers are interested in learning which characteristics you possess that will be vital and reliable assets to them. If you are intelligent but display an irrational personality, this can be the barrier that blocks you from becoming hired full time. What they require is someone who is always aware and prepared, open to learning and can take criticism when necessary.

Right attitude, right outcome
Right attitude, right outcome

Be on time; present yourself as a responsible and punctual worker 

The ability to be punctual shows a good sign of your commitment and demonstrates your ability to be consistent in the workplace. While some situations may be beyond your control, you should attempt to minimize your tendency to be late through effective planning. If your primary means of commuting is via public transportation plan in advance, taking into careful consideration factors such as time and possible emergencies and or other circumstances (traffic), to ensure that you reach your destination in a timely manner.

Dress professionally to reflect the workplace; practice your ability to be modest in your dress code

Every job has its own unique dress code. Therefore, it is important to have appropriate attire available for your new internship. Make sure you understand the dress code and if necessary, go shopping beforehand. Knowing what is suitable to wear to work is essential to your success at your internship. Remember, first impressions are very important and can create a lasting impact. In the event that you are not completely sure about the dress code, do not be afraid to contact your supervisor before the time for a little guidance.

Intern Leifa

Learn office etiquette; be mindful of it at all times

Transitioning from academics to a professional environment requires a substantial amount of adjustment and knowledge of professional etiquette.  Where you would normally have the  leverage to engage in informal communication and everyday behaviours (texting, chatting) in the classroom, these practices  are usually not permitted in the workplace. Other concerns of extreme importance include, being polite, and maintaining respect and common courtesy, especially towards your superiors. In addition, hygiene, cleanliness, and dining etiquette should be paid close attention to.

Intern Shantiqua

Bring a note book; note and report taking are critical during internship

Most likely, your first day will be filled with co-workers giving unsolicited advice and explaining the ins and outs of your workplace. So take advantage of this opportunity by making notes to review later on so you do not forget anything important! While it’s tempting to make mental notes, after the fourth mental sticky-note, you’ve probably already forgotten the first thing you needed to remember.

Team work makes the dream work; strive to be a team player

You are the one who needs to leave the best impression. Be resourceful and come up with solutions. Learn to get along with colleagues. Offer assistance. Contribute. Prove to your employer that you can also be an independent thinker, who can still collaborate with others and make compromises when needed.

Make meaningful connections; establish a good network within the company

The best way to create a good reputation within the company is to be involved, proactive and enthusiastic. Proposing ideas, seizing every opportunity to network and making connections are necessary. In this way, supervisors can stand as a reference to your work for potential future consideration. Get to know the employees well while inquiring about potential prospects and building a rapport with strategic personnel.

Work smart not hard; manage your load and do not take more than you can handle

Translate what you learn into practice and make keen observations to do all that you are required. Furthermore, keep in mind the long-term goals such as recommendations and possible job offers. Remain proactive and desist from complaining at all costs. Take the initiative and ask questions wherever uncertainty exists. Be visible and make yourself available at all times. As an old business saying goes, “never go to your manager with problems; always go with possible solutions to a problem you’re faced with.”

Manage your workload effectively
Manage your workload effectively

And there you have it, your “How To´ guide for internships. These are a collection of the essential principles of a basic internship. Undoubtedly, the workplace can be a very volatile environment with unpredictable regulations and may require you to adapt to an ever-changing environment. But have no fear, this guide will equip you to excel in the workplace. Put it into practice and watch as you become a super intern.

by Daniella Thompson (BSc. Tourism Management, 2015)

Parasailing over Paradise

I woke up singing, dancing and smiling from ear to ear as my housemate and I got dressed and made our way down East Bay Street. We had booked a trip with The Total Package Watersports Cruise and our adventure was about to begin. Upon arrival we were greeted by the captain and the staff in charge of what turned out to be a great experience. We then went on board the boat where we signed a disclaimer or as I would say “signed our lives away.” The engine started and our adventure began.

It's gonna be a great day!
It’s gonna be a great day!

First on the agenda was sightseeing. We got a look at some of the most amazing houses on Paradise Island, owned by the famous Oprah Winfrey, Butch Stewart, the late Elvis Presley and Mary Kay.

Paradise Island
Paradise Island

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at Salt Cay where we snorkeled amidst the colourful splendor of a coral reef teeming with exotic sea creatures.


After feeding the fish we dived into our very own lunch boxes and enjoyed peas and rice, barbeque chicken and corn as we sailed to a private island for our beach stop. As soon as we arrived on Athol Island we made our way off the boat to partake in the various activities.

Athol Island
Athol Island

My first activity was humping and bumping on the three mile course banana boat ride. It was indeed a bumpy ride. I then enjoyed 15 minutes riding the jet ski. With the wind in my hair and water splashing in my face, zooming atop the azure ocean and the mission impossible sound track playing in my head, Tom Cruz had nothing on me.

jet ski

Then the earth stood still as the moment that I was waiting for all week was finally here. It was time to parasail. My classmate and I got suited in our life jackets and other equipment and listened to the instructor. At this time I was saying every prayer that I knew.  Up, up and away we went, screaming, eyes closed, holding on to the rope with everything that we had and wondering what we got ourselves into.

Are we really doing this? Parasailing over paradise
Are we really doing this? Parasailing over paradise

I then realized I was being dramatic and it wasn’t that bad, so I started looking around .The view of Paradise Island from the top was breathtaking and this was by far one of the most amazing experiences I have had. The five minutes air time came to an end and I was begging for more. I did not want it to end.

Love it!
Love it!

We boarded the boat where we talked, laughed, danced, drank and created friendships with individuals from the Bahamas, Barbados and Jamaica. They were young in age and at heart and expressed their love for traveling. They also shared their past adventures  and what future adventures they will do in places across the world.

boat cruise

As we headed for the dock, the staff on board hosted a limbo contest which was won by my very own classmate. She was fearless.

Limbo queen
Limbo queen

I have been blessed to make friends with several Bahamians and it has added tremendously to my experience of this beautiful country and my enjoyment as a student here at CHTM. I will miss my school and I will miss my friends and amazingly I will miss this country – two years ago who woulda thought I’ld be saying this now!!!!

by Shanice Thompson (BSc. Tourism Management, 2015)

Rose Island Excursion

“The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has to come” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

When moving to a whole new country the first thing you have on your mind is to explore the country and view its many delights. On the 17th of April we were able to experience this with Sandy Toes! They offer both a full day excursion and a Sunday party ferry to Rose Island. Generally, the cost for the Full Day Excursion is $89 for adults and $49 for children but there is an unpublished rate for locals of $65 for adults and $45 for children. If you choose to try the Sunday Party Ferry to Rose Island the cost is $40 for tourists and $25 for locals. There is also an all you can drink package for $40.

We decided to try the Full Day Excursion to Rose Island. The Full Day Excursion includes a scenic boat ride and harbour tour, a speciality welcome drink upon arrival, full buffet lunch, a guided snorkelling tour (basic snorkelling instructions are given where needed), hammock garden, island music, shaded decks overlooking the beach, full bathroom facilities, beach games and activities.

Our full day excursion was scheduled for 10 am, but we had to arrive to check-in by 9:30am. The Sandy Toes Office is located in the Ferry Terminal on Paradise Island. It’s the same place where you can find Dolphin Encounters and Powerboat Adventures. We arrived at 9:15am and went to check-in. At the check-in desk is a wonderful agent named Megan. She ensured that we were reserved for the day and took our payment. We were then given a waiver form to sign, our complimentary welcome drink ticket and our boarding ticket.

Lovely Megan
Lovely Megan

Due to overbooking we had an option of either going on the 10am boat or the 11am boat. We decided to go with the 11am trip as we were awarded an extra hour on the island, free Starbucks Frappuccino and two complimentary drinks each when on the island for our unexpected wait. On boarding the boat we were greeted by the Morgan, the tour guide, who gave us a great tour on our way to the island.

Sandy Toes here we come
Sandy Toes here we come

When we arrived to the island we were escorted to the facility where we were given a small island tour to show us where the different facilities are and the time for the different activities. We decided to relax on the beach with our complimentary welcome drinks. At 1pm we went to lunch. Lunch was a full buffet with toss salad, pasta, rolls, peas and rice, hot dog, and grilled chicken. It was delicious! Wifi is available on the island for $10 but we didn’t need it as we were able to use our mobile carriers.

Really good food
Really good food

After lunch we went to the gift shop to collect our snorkelling gear. To get snorkelling gear cost $10 which was refundable after you were finished. We then went back to the beach to take pictures.


At 2pm we went snorkelling with Morgan, the tour guide, where we were able to see the beautiful reef, lobsters, and fishes. Then it was on to the bar for daiquiri’s which we enjoyed laying down in the beautiful hammock garden.

I could sleep right here
I could sleep right here

We departed the island at 4:30pm and arrived in Nassau at approximately 5pm.  This trip was a very relaxing and I will highly encourage persons to visit.

By Jodie-Ann Daley (BSc. in Tourism Management, 2015)

Flashback Final Semester 2015

“Memories are the key, not to the past but to the future.”

– Corrie Ten Boom

No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced. Take a trip down memory lane and relive the various events of our final semester, moments in time to be cherished. One day we will look back at this and smile and remember all the relationships we built, the fun times we had, and the stress we went through for getting an A on our exams. We will be thankful for the time spent here and how the school and our lecturers helped pave a way for our future. Please take a moment with me to reminisce on our life together at CHTM.

By Meghan Campbell (BSc. Tourism Management 2015)


Hotel Management vs Tourism Management

Making a decision to pursue a Bachelor’s degree is the foundation to a good career; what you choose to do is equally important for your future career path. The University of the West Indies Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management gives its students two BSc. options. These are both Social Science degrees that to many, are indistinguishable. However, it is pertinent to know the difference between the two, as it is not possible to change once the final two years have begun and the choice significantly alters your experience of CHTM.

Hot v Tsm 1

Hot v Tsm 2

Hot v Tsm 3

Hot v Tsm 4

By Justine Syms (BSc. Tourism Mangement 2015)

The War on Exam Season

The semester is officially over, and with exam season fast approaching, life as we know it will become non-existent. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes we will arise from our old life filled with movie streaming and Netflix, late mornings and loving relationships with our beds and will rise from the ashes fuelled by caffeinated beverages powering us through long hours and sleepless nights with our text books and tablets surgically attached to our bodies.

This transition in the semester is quite normal for some of us, while it hits hard like a ton of bricks for the rest of us. For the third year students, this transition will be the final stretch in our journey at the centre, while for the second year students it is one more stepping stone in their journey.

We have been through many battles on this battlefield we call CHTM; some victorious, while others left us beaten and utterly defeated, no matter the outcome, we persevered. From projects to presentations, from assignments to essays, from pop quizzes to midterms, and the biggest battle of them all GROUP WORK, we have managed to scrape through, but the war is upon us. And, provided in this post is the ammunition that can lend a helping hand in wining this war. These are my top 5 study tips.

Tip #1

Understand your lecture notes in your own words: While memorizing definitions and lecture notes and regurgitating them will definitely get you the marks you want on an exam, if you trip up on a word, you tend to forget the rest of the information or panic, and this is never beneficial in a time sensitive situation such as an exam. One of the best ways to remember notes for an exam is to learn them in your own words. Get into the habit of explaining lecture notes, in your own words, so you can better understand the material. Once you have an understanding explaining it on an exam paper will come just as natural as breathing.

Find the right study strategy for you
Find the right study strategy for you

Tip #2

Be creative with your study tools: Do not limit your study tools to simply highlighting lines in textbooks and sitting down writing out notes or reading notes for countless hours. Different techniques work best for different people. Be creative and try as many study tools as possible and pick what works best for you. Perfect examples of such study tools would be online flashcards, past exam papers, mnemonics, visual aids and video and audio resources. Websites like have a plethora of videos that can explain different theories in a number of ways and can prove to be extremely helpful when you do not understand something. Websites like (a personal favorite of mine) which has a downloadable app for your phone and tablet is a great way to have your flash cards at your disposal at all times. It also has a quiz feature where you can test your knowledge on the information you have entered on your online flashcards.

Tip #3

Study when you are at your most focused: When strategizing for exam prep, knowing when you are at your most focused is crucial. We are not all early birds, some of us are night owls, and because of this, we function best at different times of the day. Studying is a task that takes a lot of mental focus, and knowing when you are at your peak of functionality, whether it is night or day will greatly assist in the study process. However, we do not always have enough time to study when we are mentally efficient, so if on a time crunch, a great strategy would be to study your hardest material when you are sharpest and study the easier material when you are mentally less efficient.

Tip #4

Take breaks while studying: We have all been at the point where we have read the same sentence at least 10 times, when we just can’t seem to remember the last thing we have read or when nothing we have studied seems to stick. At this point, your brain is being over worked and it is recommended that you take a break. It’s a general misconception that it’s best to study for as many hours as possible, but this can actually be counterproductive. Our minds need an occasional rest in order to stay alert and productive. Taking regular breaks can boost productivity and improve our ability to focus on a single task. Be sure to treat yourself during a break, scroll through instagram, eat a piece of candy or take a walk, whatever floats your boat as long as you are relaxed during your break.

Take a walk in nature
Take a walk in nature

Tip #5

Do not forget to eat: Time seems to fly by once we have gotten into a steady rhythm while studying and we don’t seem to notice until a hunger headache has set in and we realize we haven’t eaten for hours. Instead of stopping and eating a big meal, which can in turn cause us to be sluggish and unproductive, try snacking. Snacking during study sessions helps to elevate this problem and helps to keep our body and brain fuelled. Keep away from junk food, and instead eat “brain food” which is foods that help to aid concentration and memory like nuts, dark chocolate, bananas, oatmeal, eggs and blueberries.

Eat fresh healthy foods
Eat fresh healthy foods

And there you have it folks, my secret arsenal of winning the war on exam season. Hopefully these tips can assist everyone in winning their war as they have helped me throughout my university life. Wishing everyone the best of luck on all their exams and may the curve be in your favour.

By Shinika Lake (BSc. Tourism Management, 2015)

Miss UWI CHTM 2015: Tribal Royale

The anticipation is over; the moment we have been waiting for is finally here – Miss UWI CHTM 2015: Tribal Royal. Five Tribal Royal Queens from the Oromo Tribe, Samburu Tribe, Chaga Tribe, Hausa Tribe and Kalenjin Tribe are backstage and ready to take the spotlight. Lights dimmed. The anxiety in the air is widely spread among the audience and the contestants. The audience is indeed surprised as the particular segments flow, each queen portraying her interpretation of true beauty. It was indeed a lovely night enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to the Miss UWI CHTM 2015: Tribal Royale Queen, Shanice Gittens

(Best Gown; Best Tribal Outfit)

And congratulations to all the beautiful queens:

Nicolene Garriques , First Runner Up; Miss Congeniality

Safiya Miller, Second Runner Up

Erica Mellows, Best Smile

Alicia Gardener, People’s Choice Award; Most Improved

Special thank you to the sponsors:

BahaRetreat Anti-Aging Spa

Foxy’s Sweet Treats

Rainbow Dental Centre

Beatrice Gardener (Rings)

Make up by Lisa Wallace

Nailed It

Cookie Caterer

Cupcakes Unlimited

Waynehead Productions

HYFY Fitness

Jay Isaacs Photography

Eye Candy

The Loft Salon and Nail Boutique

Makeup by Skyline Beauty

Hair by Trina Creation

Thanks to our Judges:

Ms. Angel Cartwright

Mr. Zhivon Young

Ms. Shanice Toussaint

Thanks are also extended to those who contributed to the success of the event:

Masters of Ceremony

The Pageant Committee

Contestant Chaperones


Jourdain Lowe

Katrina Turton

Sanje and Company

By Juleine Fogo (BSc. Tourism Management, 2015)

Photography by Krystle Mahabir and Juleine Fogo © 2015

Election results 2015/16

It is that time of the semester when the old governing body will have to step aside for the new to take over. The famous election season and the good old game of “politricks.” Nominations are in and there are many individuals who share the same sentiments, that is, “I believe I am the best candidate for this job.” But only the bravest can step forward to say “challenge accepted.”

And so the campaigning begins, the school compound is crammed with flyers screaming “Vote for Me” and the candidates are making their way through the student body to persuade each individual. The ideas are plenty and the promises are few and the clock is ticking as the official day to vote is approaching.

The current student executive managed the process, reminding the student body of voting regulations and time, manning the polling station and counting and verifying ballots. The day feels long and the candidates are all anxious.

Results are in!

Congratulations the new Student Executive Committee 2015/2016:

As you accept this responsibility and look forward to your term in office, let these words encourage you:

Do your work, not just your work and no more.

Do a little more for the lavishing sake.

That little more which is worth all the rest

And if you suffer as you must,

And if you doubt as you must,

Do your work. Put your heart into it and the sky will clear.

And then out of your very doubt and suffering will be born the supreme joy of life.

~ Dean Briggs

By Juleine Fogo (BSc. Tourism Management, 2015)

Photography by Krystle Mahabir and Juleine Fogo © 2015

Poised and Practiced for Perfection

It’s coming down to the end of it all and the practice for perfection is intense. Ladies, pageant ready, are swallowing the nerves, replacing it with a smile, heads high as their heels, depicting the instructions drilled into them by pageant training coach, fellow student, Emilomo. She looks on her handy work and expresses the final guidelines with authority, “It’s the final days girls, and I want to see how things will look on the actual night.”

Behind the curtains however, the girls admit how scared, excited, stressed and nervous they feel with the reality that the big day is upon us. We’re here to win, to have fun, to try something different, to live, laugh, love and create memories. The journey for each is different but the bond they have built has made the journey worth embracing.

This pageant experience though small, has instilled values and personal growth into each contestant.

Miss Chaga Tribe confesses that the journey has taught her to deal with other personalities and to choose her battles wisely. She has grown in confidence as she has been forced to transform pressures into strength and negativity into positivity. This has all been facilitated by her loyalty to her philosophy, “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

Safiya Miller - Ms. Chaga Tribe
Safiya Miller – Ms. Chaga Tribe

Miss Hausa Tribe admits she has learnt the value of time management. She shares her greatest benefit from the experience as the opportunity to speak out more as a result of the speech therapy received in training. The emphasis received on building self-confidence has impacted her drive to harness her talent and her attitude to overcoming her challenges

Nicolene Garriques - Ms. Hausa Tribe
Nicolene Garriques – Ms. Hausa Tribe

Miss Samburu Tribe is grateful for the experience as it has taught her how to balance the event along with school and a personal life. She has been forced to draw on her strength in her times of weakness as she is rooted by her personal outlook on life – the harder the struggle, the sweeter the victory. As she overcomes the challenges she continues to shine like the butterfly cluster (constellation Scorpius).

Alicia Gardener - Ms. Samburu Tribe
Alicia Gardener – Ms. Samburu Tribe

Miss Oromo Tribe is happy that she rejected the inner voice recommending she withdraw from the competition. Her battles with low self-esteem has seen significant change as she has been forced to dedicate her time and step out of her comfort zone to accomplish a variety of the tasks required of them along their journey. She is convinced that each of the girls she has been blessed to share this journey with deserves the crown for the work they have put in but the reality stands, may the best Queen win.

Shanice Gittens - Ms. Oromo Tribe
Shanice Gittens – Ms. Oromo Tribe

Miss Kalenjin Tribe remains passionate about the step she has taken towards this competition and is adamant to maintaining her confidence as the day approaches. As she mentioned in her blog, pageant continues to be a learning experience for her and she is now poised and prepared to take the runway.

Erica Mellows - Ms. Kalenjin Tribe
Erica Mellows – Ms. Kalenjin Tribe

The training coach shares her final sentiments to the contestants, “It has been a long, hard and somewhat stressful journey however it has been my pleasure working with each contestant. You are all beautiful and unique in your own way and I ask that as you all approach the final step, you do your best and shine. The audience is in for a big surprise! I love you girls.”

As we enjoy the sights and sounds of Ms. UWI CHTM 2015 Tribal Royale let us never forget that  each journey pursued is a learning experience and another process in shaping the jewels we are meant to be. We wish all the ladies the very best and look forward to witnessing the unveiling of true beauty.

by Juleine Fogo (BSc. Tourism Management, 2015)

Photography by Krystle Mahabir © 2015

If Only I knew

Dreaming of paradise before I came, I conjured up a few ideal experiences. It’s a tropical paradise all sunshine and beach cocktails 365 days. Yes, I came for school, but please I am leaving for the Bahamas, it is going to be an educational vacation. Boat rides to class lectures then to the beach for vibes lyme and chill waters. Oh what a nice time!!

Living the life
Living the life


If only I knew, in December the weather would change from 85 degrees Fahrenheit to a dramatic low of 50 degrees.

If only I knew, I cannot explore after 6pm with my means to get home via the bus.

If only I knew, it would be the extreme of heat in the summer.

If only I knew, walks to and from school would feel like walks to Timbuktu.

If only I knew, weekly trips to the grocery store would make me feel like I was training for heavy weight championships.

Weightlifting water
Weightlifting water

If only I knew, Wendy’s, McDonalds and KFC would become my besties.

If only I knew, I would have a love for hoodies because of room 13’s chill.

Ready for Room 13
Ready for Room 13

If only I knew, I would only visit the beach once in a blue moon.

If only I knew, Senor Frogs’ shot glasses would fill my cupboards.

Cocktails anyone?
Cocktails anyone?

If only I knew, trips to the laundry would make me feel like I am carrying Santa Clause’s sack of presents.

If only I knew, two years would fly by this fast and my grand memories would end.

But, it is only for now, see you soon.

SO, for you on your way:

Pack warm, your sweater/jacket even your hats and gloves and don’t leave those boots.

Never leave those umbrellas, because you may find yourself soaked on a sunny day, with those sudden downpours.

On average you will spend at least $50 every two weeks at the grocery, just to please those tummies with yummies.

Can’t bother with the kitchen? Wendy’s has value meals for tough times. “Tings Tight” $4.69 buys you a drink, hamburger, fries and a frosty – cyan beat dat!


Want to explore? Just to get around have your $1.25 ready for the bus drivers, don’t forget their quarter.

Bus coming
Bus coming

Make plans and have fun at the Bowling Alley in Mario’s for under $20.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you will have a laundry at Warren or Cottages, if not pack your sacks for Hibiscus Laundry Mat on Farrington.

For the school treks comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are recommended.

Our faithful Chucky, our shuttle driver starts at 5pm until 10pm for those late classes and lazy days.

Fun times on the bus
Fun times on the bus

Guys, have fun, learn well and simply create an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. #YOLO

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

by Reneé Chambers (BSc. Tourism Management, 2015)