Exec Welcome

Hey Guys!
As we begin yet another semester, it is truly my pleasure to welcome each student back. Let me use the opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. While some of you may be sad that the Christmas vacation is over, there is always an air of excitement about the start of a new semester. This semester is deemed to be a very compact and exciting one with our events such as Culturama, Sports Day, Pageant and Carnival. My only request this semester is that we all get involved and support our school activities. Don’t forget to stay focused too! For my fellow third years, let’s finish this final lap with a Bang!

Let us all work together and play together to make this semester a fun filled and fruitful one.

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back Students

Dear Students,

It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you back to yet another semester at the CHTM. I trust that you are well rested and rejuvenated for an exciting time ahead. Indeed this is a more intensified version of the last semester, with increased extra and co-curricular activities. This will demand greater energy levels and precision in time-management, to ensure that scholarly endeavors are not thwarted. I have no doubt that you will dig deeper and optimize your potential both inside and outside the classroom so that in the end each individual, as well as the Centre, will experience significant qualitative growth.

Andrew J. Spencer, PhD

Head of Department