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CHTM Then and Now

Once upon a time on the beautiful island of Nassau, New Providence, one of the best schools in the Caribbean was established. They called it: The University of the West Indies Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management. We shall crown it CHTM for short.

This school was blessed with a plethora of students who were once scattered across the Caribbean but shared one common goal: to improve the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

I’m certain many of us thought to ourselves when we first came: “So many personalities! So many attitudes! Will they survive around each other? Will each person make it out alive?”

Many of you might also think that the generation gap will produce many differences. Ehhh! Wrong!

Yes, we are from different backgrounds but when you really take the time to analyze CHTM throughout the years, you’d realize that we’re all one big ball of similarities. The difference is we were chosen to spread our awesomeness at different periods in time!

Here’s a fabulous gallery of special moments we’ve shared here at CHTM.

By Shaniece Holder (BSc Tourism Management, 2015)

A big thank you to all present and past students for their lovely photos.

CHTM Stars at Book Launch

Thursday, February 19, 2015 marked a great day for Caribbean tourism education with the official launch of Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases, a book written by Drs. Sherma Roberts, Mechelle Best and Acolla Lewis-Cameron and published by Ian Randle Publishers, Jamaica.

The publication represents a notable contribution to the Caribbean tourism industry in general and Caribbean tourism education in particular and is expected to become the ‘go to’ text for academics in the field.

The occasion was made that much more special as three CHTM alumni were forefront in the proceedings.

Dr. Mechelle Best completed her BSc. degree in Hotel Management at CHTM in 1995 and is currently Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Recreation & Tourism Management at California State University – Northridge.

Dr. Acolla Lewis-Cameron completed her BSc. degree in Tourism Management at CHTM in 1996 and is currently Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of the West Indies,  St. Augustine campus.

Also on hand at the celebration of publication, held in Barbados, was  feature speaker Dr. Andrew Spencer (BSc. Tourism Management, 2003) currently Head of Department and Director of CHTM.

Photographs compliments of Mechelle Best, PhD

Available at Ian Randle Publishers and on