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Sun, Sand & Sex – Research Day

The sun shone in all its glory despite the slight chill and the wind blowing over the island of New Providence, this was the perfect day – Friday 17th March, 2017 – for the third year Tourism Management students to participate in their first research study. Paired off and ready to go, the group made their way to Junkanoo Beach which was filled with an abundance of tourists to administer questionnaires.

Spring break squad

Approaching different characters and personalities was part of the fun in this research assignment as the views of others really mattered. The day went well as many were quite intrigued by the topic “Prevalence and Perceptions of Sex Tourism in New Providence”. Those who never heard of the term before were asking, “Sex tourism is a thing?”

Others were more reserved, one commented, “these questions seem scary”. There were others that felt too shy saying “I’m too conservative to talk about this out loud” and others were  not willing to attempt the questionnaire because they were not sure of the topic even after we explained the purpose of the study. When asked their thoughts on the survey many did say that they enjoyed answering the questions.

Being in the field for research was quite an experience, something I would enjoy partaking in once more. Each student had a unique experience while conducting the surveys; some were super comfortable while others were a bit shy. For me, it was an unforgettable experience with an amazing lecturer and an amazing group of students – overall, a great day with lots work and our very own mini-spring break beach day.

NOTE: Stay tuned for the research findings in an upcoming blog.

Beer drinking

by Sherika Delaney, BSc. Tourism Management, 2017

Photos/videos compliments of Shanice Jordan, Patria Moise and Elizabeth Mackay © 2017



CHTM Student Enters International Film Competition

Jenielle Rhone, our very own third year tourism management student, has successfully submitted an entry in the 2016 global video competition #film4climate.

Jenielle wrote, narrated and assembled a short film on climate change and climate action in the Caribbean. She focuses on the implications of climate change in the Bahamas and wider Caribbean with specific reference to the tourism industry. Climate action is the 13th sustainable development goal set by the United Nations. In her video, Rhone highlights the connection between goal 13 and other sustainable development goals.

This international competition has attracted hundreds of entries from across every continent. Participants vie for a chance to win prizes ranging from US$8,000 to video equipment. There is also a People’s Choice Award based on votes.

Here is where you come in. Let’s all support a member of the CHTM family by voting (by September 15, 2016)  for her video HERE.

As a participant Jenielle will receive special recognition at a Connect4Climate Film Festival. She will also be celebrated at the awards ceremony of COP22, 2016 – the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  in Marrakech, Morocco.

We wish Jenielle all the best in this meaningful and timely effort.



When The Cat’s Away

Whatever happened to the good old days when no teacher equaled no class or a light reading assignment? Long gone are the days when movies were purely recreational. Today the cat would be away and the mice will work all day. Well I guess movies for marks isn’t such bad deal.

The lecture was held in the CHTM Dining Room. Beforehand there were groups organized to tackle specific tasks such as the food drinks and of course the movie itself. It all became clear after seeing how everyone stuck to their tasks that we were a well oiled machine.

Breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet

We prepared fruit snacks, sandwiches and other little finger foods and the juices ‘on fleek’. Everything was aligning itself perfectly. We setup the projector, loaded the movie and hit the lights. All that was left was to wait for a few stragglers to trickle in before the fun began. As usual all cell phones were turned off or on vibrate, we had no babies in the room thankfully and were ready to begin.

Breakfast sandwich
Breakfast sandwich

The movie called “Life and Debt” which would shed a little more light on things I’m sure most of us never considered in such detail. It was amazing to realize how much of an influence the International Monetary Fund (IMF) could have on a nation’s economy. In this case we watched Jamaica become subjected to the most economically destructive activity, we watched as fresh milk and produce became impossible to sell as they were out priced by foreign imports. We watched as the IMF placed ‘solutions’ on the table that would not help in the long term. We watched and watched and as we did our hearts broke a little.

At the end of the viewing it was clear to all those who still had both eye on the projector that we have to be a lot more careful of the things we agree to because one bad decision can lead to decades hardship and injustice for not only our people but the people of generations to come. We must also appreciate the struggles that our grandparents tell us about because sure we can say Jamaica is not the only country that has been touched by the struggles of cheap exports. The more we examine the issues that plague us we realize we are in this together, and that the struggle is real.

By: Jourdain Lowe (BSc. Tourism Management 2016)

Exec Welcome

Hey Guys!
As we begin yet another semester, it is truly my pleasure to welcome each student back. Let me use the opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. While some of you may be sad that the Christmas vacation is over, there is always an air of excitement about the start of a new semester. This semester is deemed to be a very compact and exciting one with our events such as Culturama, Sports Day, Pageant and Carnival. My only request this semester is that we all get involved and support our school activities. Don’t forget to stay focused too! For my fellow third years, let’s finish this final lap with a Bang!

Let us all work together and play together to make this semester a fun filled and fruitful one.

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back Students

Dear Students,

It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you back to yet another semester at the CHTM. I trust that you are well rested and rejuvenated for an exciting time ahead. Indeed this is a more intensified version of the last semester, with increased extra and co-curricular activities. This will demand greater energy levels and precision in time-management, to ensure that scholarly endeavors are not thwarted. I have no doubt that you will dig deeper and optimize your potential both inside and outside the classroom so that in the end each individual, as well as the Centre, will experience significant qualitative growth.

Andrew J. Spencer, PhD

Head of Department